GSK Asia House


Award Category: Interior Architecture

Architecture Firm:


Project Architect:

Mark Mason Paterson

Year Completed:


Builder Firm:

Boustead Projects Limited

We designed the new HQ – in Singapore’s strategic One North business hub – to exemplify the company’s agile and collaborative working principles. The aim was to keep people and ideas flowing freely across a high-performing workplace – encouraged by horseshoe-shaped floors around a central atrium that allows people to move quickly and easily. We took what the company learned from its ‘Smart Working’ sites globally and applied it to the design principles for GSK Asia House, anticipating how new ways of working in Singapore would evolve over time.

Our integrated team of architects, interior designers and landscape architects approached the project from the ‘inside out’, running workshops with key groups at GSK to find out what inspires and engages their people. Armed with all those ideas from employees, we created an agile, open and multi-layered campus with a focus on the future that breaks down barriers to enable quicker, more effective ways of working. A horseshoe-shaped flexible arrangement around a central atrium sets the core to one side, so people can connect horizontally or vertically with one another.

With its completely reconfigurable floorplates, wide range of 100% wireless indoor and outdoor work settings, abundant fresh air and spacious garden surrounds, the global healthcare business’ purpose-built Asia headquarters was designed to be flexible and adaptable, supporting employees working both in the building and at home.

The building’s distinctive façade appears as a screen of ‘petals’ and exemplifies the strong connection to nature. The cascading sky gardens seamlessly connect GSK to its tropical parkland site – with more than 60,000 new plants and trees – as well as three colonial heritage bungalows within the park that we have saved from demolition and adaptively re-used as an integral part of the workplace.

Sustainability features include the triangular high-performing facade screening that controls solar gain, an under-floor air displacement system throughout the open plan floor plate (the first for a Singapore commercial office) and stormwater recycling for the whole site.

Jury Citation

The Jury commends the design team for the execution of GSK’s building interior design. The voluminous atrium with receding floor plates enables an open interior which connects the inside and outside and encourages interaction between people. The overcoming of inherent acoustic challenges around the atrium is particularly impressive. The ability to further differentiate hierarchies of spaces results in a remarkable work environment for its users. The holistic approach to design sees a high level of sophistication for a project of this scale.