Singapore Pavilion, World Expo 2020, Dubai


Award Category: Special Categories

Architecture Firm:

WOHA Architects Pte. Ltd.

Project Architect:

Wong Mun Summ

Year Completed:


Builder Firm:

Evan-Lim Penta Construction Co. LLC

The Singapore Pavilion at the 2020 World Expo Dubai is located in the Sustainability District and encapsulates Singapore’s story of overcoming its physical limitations as a small island city-state to become a liveable and biophilic city of the future.

The Pavilion integrates abundant landscaping into its design, demonstrating that the built environment can seamlessly integrate and intensify nature in an urban setting. Buildings like this prototype can help to increase biodiversity by offering habitats for animals and play a pivotal part in combatting climate change by providing ecosystem services like solar heat reduction, CO2 and NOX sequestration, and a reduction in other pollutants like PM10 particles, releasing oxygen and rainwater remediation.

The Pavilion operates entirely on solar energy and solar desalination systems, maintaining a net-zero energy footprint over the six-month Expo period. It uses passive strategies like natural cross-ventilation, sun shading and evapo-transpiration cooling of the plants to create a comfortable climate, despite its challenging desert location. Fine mist fans, placed in strategic locations, further enhance thermal comfort.

The ground-level garden is a landscaped park, welcoming visitors into a biophilic, voluminous three-dimensional green space flanked on both sides by forest trees and capped with a hanging garden. The garden paths lead across an undulating terrain with water streams, planted knolls and 9-metre-tall vertical thematic cones, emphasising the experience of a lush, tropical and refreshing Singapore.

A meandering canopy walk brings the visitors around and through the three thematic cones at different levels which convey an understanding of Singapore's unique DNA through different media. The canopy walk opens to an open deck that plays host to different programs, sheltered under the solar canopy made of 517 solar panels.

The Singapore Pavilion shares the aspirations of Singapore with the world, pointing to a resilient future that is responsible, sustainable and sociable.

Jury Citation

The Singapore Pavilion is successful in telling Singapore’s story of overcoming physical limitations as a small island city-state to become a liveable, biophilic city of the future. It is an elegant structure consisting of naturally ventilated open-plan floor plates, supported by three numbers of nine-meter tall thematic cones. The Pavilion integrates lush landscape into every aspect of the design to celebrate Singapore’s homegrown green technology. The meandering canopy walk which cuts in and out of the cones and verdant environment, coupled with the various engaging content, gives visitors a rich and memorable experience. The Jury commends the high level of competence and coordination required to deliver a Pavilion befitting to represent Singapore on the world stage.