"Stop all the Clocks" Sanctuary Pet Crematorium


Award Category: Special Categories

Architecture Firm:

Formwerkz Architects

Project Architect:

Seetoh Kum Loon

Year Completed:


Builder Firm:

Future Innovation & Construction Pte Ltd

“Stop all the Clocks…” W.H Auden (1938)

From a distance, one makes out a single towering silhouette amidst lush foliage. Standing solitary, yet astute against the hazy morning sky. Precise and defined against the verdant tropical landscape. Closer front, the mourning party encounters a deep indigo blue. An oculus reveals little but the casket and towering cremation hall in the background.

One ambles across the tree-lined garden towards the service hall at the opposing end, measured and absorbed. Within the hall, time stands still. The final farewell bid is cast as the casket passes the timber-slated wall, into the cremation chamber. One’s gaze traverses upwards from the capacious space, ending at the skylight above – a comforting, serene reminder that the Departed will await its owner to cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Jury Citation

Standing out uncannily in the landscape of Singapore, clear and strong roofs and a simple formal layout give orientation and clarity to the project. The Jury commends the architects for their clever use of existing structures to complement new insertions, and also strategically positioning the new low-then-high volumes of the pet crematorium into a playful formal-informal relationship within its context and surroundings. The building contains soothing and pleasant spaces and possesses a material modesty that together, achieves a poeticism well-suited for its unusual program.