Petit Jervois


Award Category: Residential Projects

Architecture Firm:

RT+Q Architects Pte Ltd

Project Architect:

Tan Chan Eong, Rene

Year Completed:


Builder Firm:

Daiya Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd

Situated on an irregular trapezoid site, bounded by drainage reserves on three sides, the massing was conceived as two geometrically similar cubes detached and swung apart to carve out two distinct courtyards. An open public drop-off takes access from the road in front; and a secluded private pool oasis along the rear drainage reserves. Compared to a single rectilinear block, this approach gains more outward-looking elevations and accesses more natural light and ventilation. A purposefully move in geometry to bring order and create strengths within an irregular site.

The façades, fronting the public drop-off, have full-height curtain walls allowing the influx of natural light from the cooler morning sun. The façades looking into the private pool oasis have sliding glass doors opening into balconies with fixed vertical aluminium fins. These provide a semi-outdoor volumetric buffer zone (balconies) and a further sun shading skin (fins) to shield the internal living spaces against the harsher afternoon sun. The intentional placement and angling of these fins also provide visual privacy between units, while maintaining the views out into the pool oasis.

Together with the balconies and fins, the careful planning of dense lush hedges and taller widespread canopied trees provide a further landscape buffer layer between the shared communal areas and the private living spaces.

On a building scale, common services and lift cores are placed within the centre of the floor plates, freeing up the outwards-looking perimeters for the apartment units. Within the apartment, the utilitarian spaces (bathrooms) are centralised, with the key living spaces surrounding it, to maximise flexibility. An ode to Mies Van Der Rohe’s Farnsworth House. Coupled with movable partitions in the smaller units, this ‘free plan’ layout allows residents the flexibility to customize the living spaces to their personal lifestyle needs.

Jury Citation

The jury commends the project for its innovative planning. By locating bathrooms away from the perimeter and instead consolidating them into a central core the peripheral spaces remain free for external views and flexible use. The building façades, which are differentiated in their design and treatment in response to the East and West facing sun directions, are both delicate and elegant. The architects are also commended for the building composition, their control of construction detailing and skilful command of design