Alkaff CourtView & Alkaff LakeView


Award Category: Residential Projects

Architecture Firm:

MKPL Architects Pte Ltd

Project Architect:

Siew Man Kok

Year Completed:


Builder Firm:

Rich Construction Company Pte Ltd

Alkaff CourtView & LakeView reside on former Bidadari Park and is home to nine residential blocks of up to 17-storeys with generous greenery interspersed within the development to reflect the concept of living in a park. The design approach deliberately leverages the hierarchy of green open spaces in the overall Bidadari Estate Master Plan to form a sequence of resident courtyards, gardens & Common Greens of diverse scales that promote resident interaction, community vitality and safety at the ground level. Residents and the public alike can expect a truly unique and memorable experience from the meticulous interweaving of green tapestry and open spaces. The multi-storey car parks blend into the terrain and varying levels of the void decks capitalized on Bidadari’s existing topography provide opportunities for space activation.

From afar, the building’s distinct façade and colour articulation give the two precincts an identity. Residential blocks are planned to increase porosity and privacy by isolating unit stacks from one another. Meanwhile, main living spaces like the living/dining area and bedrooms, are orientated along the external perimeter of blocks to maximize natural ventilation, daylight and breath-taking views. By minimizing structural elements within the internal spaces, typical units can be designed to be widely configurable according to the needs of residents.

Social communal facilities comprising of Child-Care Centres, Residents’ Committee Centres and Senior Care Centres are located conveniently and well-connected to the main thoroughfares of CourtView and LakeView. A supermarket, eating house and shops in Alkaff LakeView caters to the commercial needs of the precincts and is integrated by an overhead bridge that directly connects both parcels above ground without transiting through vehicular intersections. Unifying the estate is the Verandah linkway as its generous width creates opportunities for weekend markets or various grassroots events to occur for place-making.

Jury Citation

The Jury recognises the Architect’s successful implementation of a Housing Development Board project that reflects the concept of living in a park. High-density public housing often comes with a slew of challenges which the architect deftly mitigated with effective strategies. These include the borrowing of long views and vistas, layered landscaping and the expression of the slim vertical unit stacks.

The centrally located semi-sunken Multi Storey Car Park, coupled with lushly landscaped cascading floor plates, forms a continuous ground plane through the cross-section of the site. The veranda linkway and overhead bridge seamlessly connect communal facilities and activity nodes. Ground floor units are introduced at the courtyards to activate the ground level.

The result is a very liveable quality housing estate that has a strong sense of identity.